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"I have. You see, I think I know what causes your mantrap: the refusal to accept that the impossible is impossible, or the refusal to take responsibility for what is possible. The people who get trapped do so by seeking evidences of impotence or omnipotence, by believing either that they are incompetent to deal with nature, or that nature is so pliable that it must bend to their arbitrary whims."

 From "Communion"
"Put the gleam back in your eyes and do something to your hair. Keep your glow on. Babe Rainbow, oh. You gotta go on..." Her eyes wistful, locked on a vision of her own, Margareta picked out the notes of the chords individually, each ringing out with the heartbeat of a being fighting for its life.

 Janio at a Point
And this is what philosophy is for. The ideas we make with our minds are tools first, the tools with which we make our lives... They are not silly toys or priceless treasures to be locked up in some dusty book. No, they are the very substance of our lives, The Truth And The Glory And The Meaning And The Beauty And The Light of our being. We are no more and no less than we have caused ourselves to become, and where we find ourselves is where we pointed ourselves - or failed to. It is with our ideas that we point our spirits and bodies toward our values, and it is only by means of acting upon our ideas that we can achieve our aims...

 From "The Usurpers"
"Oh, yes, damnit! There on the slab was my daughter! Her silky blonde hair was crusted with dried blood and she was bruised everywhere. She was cut open from her breast bone to her crotch, and there were obscenities written on her skin in blood. I looked at the cop, just to look away, to look anywhere but at my little girl, my own flesh and blood, killed just as good as by my own hand. He stared at me with utter contempt. 'One of her thumbs is missing', he said. 'We looked all over, but we couldn't find it...'"

Uncle Hugh's house tells you a lot about him: it's two perfect cubes, one stone, one glass. The stone house perches over North Point; it holds all the living accommodations, including his office. The glass house sits atop it, an immense park, with real Earth-seed grass that Uncle Hugh got from the Hegemony, and small trees, and a fish pond and a vegetable garden. Of the time Uncle Hugh spends at home, he spends most of it in his garden. He even sleeps there, in a lounger by the pond. Sometimes I think the only reason my uncle works at all is to pay for his park.

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