Have a very Willie Christmas!
Ramblin' Gamblin' Willie's collection of Christmas stories...

The Unfallen
A new book by Greg Swann, can be downloaded for no charge here.

Getting a grip on the war with Iraq: The 'wrest' of the story...
What we should want, if we had brains enough to want wisely, is a world peopled by rationalists, egoists, individualists. A slow but certain way to achieve that is to give the world capitalism, which can be effected simply by dismantling the barriers to it. The world--left unmolested--runs by itself.

The war with Iraq: Taking a better grip...
The United States is going to use Iraq to demonstrate a simple fact that other nations have sought to obscure since the collapse of the Soviet Union: America is not just the pre-eminent world power, we are, for now at least, an invincible world power.

War with Iraq: Why the Bush Doctrine will prevail--and fail...
Our enemy is not Islam or China or the entrenchedly enstenched French. Our enemy is Abel's anti-Hellenism--irrationalism, anegoism, anti-individualism, anti-capitalism. Whether they know it or not, these are the things immigrants are escaping when they come to America, and their contraries--reason, egoism, individualism and capitalism--are the ideas United States must export.

A Just and Libertarian war...
Whatever one might say about President George W. Bush, about the Republicans, about the state of the American body politic, it remains that this war not only will be fought, but that it should be fought. It must be fought, if the philosophical principles that undergird human liberty are to endure upon the Earth.

Cain's world: Persephone's second coming...
The War on Terror will be won, if it is, not by the second coming of the Nazarene, but by the second coming of Persephone. When the West dares to be what it is, Cain's world, and when it dares to hold the rest of the world accountable for its expressions of murderous passion, then there will be hope for the transmission of the culture of cool deliberation that is the best and highest achievement of Western Civilization.

A Costco family Christmas
Do you know about Costco? It's a warehouse-sized store that sells huge quantities of stuff at wholesale prices. There are other companies that exploit the same basic idea. Another big one is Sam's Club, where the motto is, 'When mere WalMart just isn't enough.'

Hang tough...
It is when people waver that the principles that could buttress them grow stronger. It is when people stray that the principles that should guide them prove themselves straight and true.

The season's greetings
"Merry Christmas!" said the Perky Little Clerk to the Misanthrope as she handed him his purchase. "I'm not a Christian," the Misanthrope growled.

Curing the incuriosity of the East...
A post-communist China may be focused outward. Islam (and many another Eastern sect) is focused eternally inward. Only Hellenism brings that which is without within, in her sciences, and that which is within without, in her arts.

A canticle for Kathleen Sullivan
"There is no casual death, no easy death, no safely, comfortably abstract death. There's only the real death of real people, the death that results in endless, boundless, horrifying grief even when no one is at fault. How could anyone be casual about that?"

Colloquy with a goat
It's not just that antique Westerners were even worse than their Islamic counterparts, but, amazingly, the modern children of Athens can only aspire to be almost--but not quite--as morally worthy as ancient and contemporary Muslims.

Back-handing the sinister American left...
What best fits the evidence? A left that lusts after power? A left that misunderstands the threat to freedom? A left that is perverse or distracted or over-committed? Or a left that labors persistently to undermine and destroy the West?

To Condi, with sweetness
The West can change--the West thrives by changing--and the East never can. A President Condoleezza Rice, a conservative black woman president of the United States of America, would make that argument more eloquently than any book ever could.

Islam and moral equivalence
The derision by the politically correct of Robertson and Falwell notwithstanding, it is nevertheless true that Islam is a warrior culture. It was born in war, and it remains committed to holy war down to the present day.

When the Scout leader regurgitates the Marxist horseshit he was force-fed without even knowing it was Marxist horseshit, without even realizing he was being force-fed, without ever once thinking about what his words might mean--that man is the most effective recruiting agent the Communists ever had.

Anastasia in the light and shadow
The hard job is to stay free...

Hail to the chump
Ramblin' Gamblin' Willie's war on Billary Rodham Clintonanist