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Sunday, December 11, 2005
An insanely great idea whose time has come at last...

These are the people on line to pay by cash or check at the Apple Store at the Chandler Fashion Square Mall in Chandler, AZ, on Friday night. If you were paying by credit card, you stood in one of several other lines. It is estimated that the conversion rate for iPods is 20%--that of every five iPod owners, one becomes a Macintosh owner within a year.

The volume of business in the store was simply incredible. If you've never been to an Apple Store, treat yourself this Christmas. Beautifully-designed, beautifully-executed hardware and software in an environment that rewards you for being open to the idea of something better.

OS X will be running on Intel microprocessors by April, and the last excuse of the rigidly MicroFlaccid will be gone: Every bit of kludgy Windoze software will run natively on beautifully-designed Apple hardware. Who knows how long it will take developers to port their products to run on OS X, but who really cares? Everything normal people need is already available in beautifully-executed Macintosh software.

This techno-skirmish at the dawn of the millennium is between Gates and Jobs, between walls and opportunities, chains and liberty, a niggardly hoarding and an iridescent abundance. Who could be surprised that the good guys are winning?